Cherry Blossoms 2011

D.C. Museums: Three Zen Moments

My colleagues and I are contending with high stress levels lately, in advance of big meetings in mid-April. Long hours have fragmented my attention span. To force myself not to think about work on my free Saturday, I found three places to exhale, in and around the Mall.

Highly recommended:

Rothko room at the National Gallery of Art’s East Wing.

Hirshhorn Sculpture Garden, this week framed by cherry blossoms.

Sackler Gallery’s Echoes of the Past: Buddhist Cave Temples of Xiangtangshan.

Cherry Blossoms. They’re Here.

For Picture a Museum Day on Twitter, I just posted this pic from last spring, of the National Gallery of Art East Wing. Early cherry blossoms are out now, if you know where to look. My mood lifted measurably yesterday when I spotted my first of the season, in front of the National Zoo entrance on Connecticut Ave.

Interesting to note several U.S. cherry blossom festivals are soliciting donations for Japan earthquake/tsunami relief this year.